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Cowes Week Regatta

Cowes Week Regatta - The Event

Cowes Week Regatta - The Event

Since 1826 Cowes Week has played a key part in the British sporting summer calendar and is one of the UK’s longest running and most successful sporting events. It now stages up to 40 daily races for around 1,000 boats and is the largest sailing regatta of its kind in the world.

Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week, as the event is now known, is a fusion of many exciting elements, with its great mix of competitive sailing and social activities. The 8,500 competitors range from Olympic and world class professionals to weekend sailors.  In excess of 100,000 spectators come to watch the sailing, enjoy the parties and live entertainment, and to experience the unique atmosphere. It is genuinely a one-of-a-kind event – come and see for yourself! 


We will have either Incisor or Venomous available for various days during Cowes Week and you can pick and choose which day or days you would like to race with us.

Whichever you chose you would need to join the boat early in the morning ready for a great days racing. Then after the thrills of a great race day you can then relive all the on water adventures in the Race Village and infamous beer tent. The Social side of Cowes week is equal to the racing and every night should be memorable. Each night there are live bands at Cowes Yacht Haven and on the Parade You will be able to sleep on board that night rather than rushing off home.

Availability & Costs

Availability & Costs

Venomous and Incisor are avaialble for you all week and you can chose to join us for an individual day or multiple days or for the brave the whole week

An individual day is £175 for Incisor and £220 for Venomous 

If you were to book more than 1 day then we offer great discounts. For the whole reagtta this would be for instance just £950 for Incisor.

The cost include

  • a days racing 
  • lunch tea coffee and snacks onboard 
  • use of wet weather clothing 
  • race entry fees
  • mooring fees for Cowes Yacht Haven 
  • On board accomodation
The Racing

The Racing

During Cowes Week there is one inshore race per day, the course usually lasting around 5-6 hours rounding various marks in and around the Solent. There is an armada of yachts racing, not just in our class but across a whole range of sizes, speeds, and styles. 

During the racing you will be given a role on the boat that you can call your own, with those that wish will be able to have a go at helming as well. Cowes week offers some of the most exciting inshore sailing in the world, with courses set early in the morning and taking into account wind, tide and general weather.

There will be no time to cruise around the course but enthisiatic commitment for when we are racing is key to a good result and therefore key to a good night out.

Entertainment Calendar

Entertainment Calendar

During the whole of Cowes Week Regatta there is a plethera of entertainment shore side for you to enjoy. We will update this section with highlights to look out for near the time.