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Day 8 ARC 2015

Recent news for windward sailing
Mon, 30 November 2015

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November 30th


Wait for this!


Fish Count “2” – A tuna, snapped at our hook, and was caught after a prolonged period of trying to get the fish landed. A gimble fishing harness was worn, many helpers at hand. A lot of pulling and tugging to get the fish on board (a Royal Battle). Roars of laughter broke out amongst the crew that could be heard as far away as Grand Canary and St Lucia as a baby skip jack tuna was pulled out of the water and landed on the pushpit, the fish weighed at least  ½ Kilo. Well done George!!


Our newly caught prize was devoured at lunch today, George making an excellent Sushi, along with pie, coleslaw, cheese, and chorio prepared by Susie.


We are still motor sailing along, speeding along at just over 8 knots, our fuel status is good and we are making steady progress towards our goal of St Lucia. The weather is hot, sunny and blue skies, its difficult to stay  out of the suns harmful rays. Everyone on board is happy, we have been given the license to shower and use up some of the water to make the boat lighter. The wind is gradually increasing as I write this blog, 10 knots recorded.


Today we will pass the halfway mark 1350 nautical miles, celebrating tonight with gammon, egg and chips, with a beer. Yippee!!


In memory of Simons late father and mother, he dispatched from the port side of Ocean Venture a commemorative battle of Trafalgar coin at the mid point crossing of the Atlantic Ocean (1350 nautical miles). It was Simons late fathers dream to sail across the Atlantic Ocean which he did not manage to achieve before his passing away.


This is Ocean Venture signing off xx