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Day 7 ARC Race 2015

Recent news for windward sailing
Sun, 29 November 2015

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November 29th


Fish Count – Still 1. Waiting patiently. Had a couple of bites, but they escaped.


We are getting creative with making fishing lures – bits of pipe, foil, shredded plastic bottle, coloured tape, string, you name it, we’ll stick a hook on it and throw it off the back.


Big news today is that following a group meeting with the entire crew and lots of maths we have decided to switch on the engine. After being totally calmed for an hour last night, and almost three days of bobbing around with very little wind, the prospect of extending the trip to what was calculated to be about December 18th was not appealing. We had done our best to head south in search of breeze but with no luck. Those of you tracking our progress on the GPS will have noticed our southerly diversion: no more! Other boats in the racing division that had stayed in the north – risking being stuck in the no wind zone – are all now heading south too. We would be very surprised if they didn’t also decide to switch on their engines. The team decision to motor means that we drop out of the racing division into the open division. The bonus is that with the engine on we can all have hot showers! Spirits remain high and we have switched to a more leisurely watch system: 2 hours on, 6 hours off.


After dropping the spinnaker George went for a quick dip while we adjusted course – although he did climb out quickly after fighting off a shark (lol jk).


Still no other boats in sight, but beautiful sunny days and delicious food prepared by Roy are reminding us all how much we are enjoying each other’s company and being on this great adventure.


Caz – got your email, thanks love, call you when in St Lucia. Galya still in India.


Niki – Simon will ring you when in St Lucia


Until tomorrow, this is Ocean Venture signing off x