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Day 6 ARC Race 2015

Recent news for windward sailing
Sat, 28 November 2015

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28 November 2015


Fish Count still “1” very delicious fish that we enjoyed last night.  Roy did a fantastic job of baking it up Mediterranean style.  We had another bite today but whatever it was managed to get away.  Reagan and George are honing their fishing skills and we haven’t lost any more lures in the last 24 hours. 


Our position within our racing group is now officially 6th and it may appear that we’re losing places but our plan has been to head further south (ie not directly for St Lucia) to try to avoid light winds which don’t favour our boat.  We are expecting a large area of calm in the north over the next couple of days which may impact those crews who have chosen to stay further north.  We’ll have to wait and see whether our plan pays off!


The evenings are now getting warmer as we head further south and we’re expecting hot weather over the next couple of days. The sea state is still calm and winds are still relatively light (10-15 nts).  We have just put up our ‘gollywobbler’ which is a sail which is hoisted between our two masts and we are flying that with our normal main sail and the asymmetric spinnaker. 


Dal had some very exciting news today - he became a granddad for the 6th time!!  Welcome to the world Isla Claire Bryant, the crew sends their best wishes.


In the last 24 hours we’ve seen plenty more blue ocean, blue sky and flying fish.  We haven’t sighted any other boats for at least the last 2 days now.  We’ve just gone past 1666 miles to go (which was great fire of London in our history game).


In other news, gourmet meal service aboard Ocean Venture continues – we discovered tinned chocolate puddings that we’ll be having for dessert tonight.  And on that note it’s time for us to go and have our dinner accompanied by George’s music happy hour that even Derek is enjoying.