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Day 5 2015 ARC Race

Recent news for windward sailing
Fri, 27 November 2015

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November 27th


Today there is a tale to tell!!


Fish Count “1”; Bought Lures Lost “3”, Hand Made Lures Lost “2” (your lures are safe Rick).


Using all of our fishing technical know how we made a new lure out of pipe and cooking foil (well done Mark), and hooked a “Mahi Mahi”, not a big one, big enough to eat, weighing in at around 2 Kg. Tonight it will be cooked in the oven in cooking foil, lemon slices & juice, garlic, olives, courgettes, green pepper, salt and pepper. Our taste buds are watering already. There should even be enough for a whole mouthful each! Yummy Yummy says my tummy!


Our skipper’s (Derek) first fish caught in the ARC and he’s taken a photograph to prove it.


A Flying Fish landed in the cockpit during the night, just to make sure the crew were awake, we tried using it as bait - unsuccessfully.


The crew sighted a pod of dolphins, who came to say hello.


A school of flying fish were sighted during the early morning by Roy.


Our position within our racing group is 3rd and we are 23rd overall, and we’ve just passed the 1/3 mark (1800nm to go).


The sea state is calm, with only 10 knots of wind, beautiful skies littered with white fluffy clouds and we are making steady progress goosewinging.


As we eat into the nautical miles and see the miles left to our destination on the GPS, the crew play a game of what happened in that particular year, every few minutes sees another year. The game gets more difficult as the miles decrease. We have a few budding historians amongst us, myself not being one of them. Any suggestions for 1769??