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Day 4 ARC Race 2015

Recent news for windward sailing
Thu, 26 November 2015

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November 26th


Fish Count “0”; Lures Lost “3” – but we have plenty left that we bought in Las Palmas


Spinaker up,- trim, hold, ease, trim, hold, ease all day long. But that spinnaker is helping make great progress,


Is that a fish?, Yes its a flying fish, well spotted Simon. Two Dolphins sighted by the crew on watch (Susie, James, Regan, Dal and Mark)


For the astronomers amongst you, all four moons of Jupiter spotted last night.


The temperature is increasing as we go further South, and the sea state is getting calmer, the boat is not bouncing around as much.


Yesterdays menu was Fajhitis, salad and cheese – prepared by Susie, Regan and Roy – all the crew enjoyed Awesome.


Wait! Wait!, is that the fishing reel I hear being wound in, NO! Its the spinnaker winch.


All crew partied like “1999”