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Day 3 2015 ARC Race

Recent news for windward sailing
Wed, 25 November 2015

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November 25th


Fish Count “0”; Lines lost “2”


Its day 3 and fishing remains our challenge in turbulent seas, no good news so far. Are there any fish in the Ocean?


Progress is good with winds gusting from 13 to 30 knots. Gybed this morning to remain on our course, goosewinging.


All crew are upbeat about our progress, ticking off the miles, with smiles on their faces.


No fish, however an American football was sighted swimming off the starboard bow.


Roys cooking is awesome, the chilli was to die for and an excellent risotto.


Boats rocking and rolling due to sea state, only one fell out of bunk so far, he’s ok.



Fish count still “0”