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Day 2 2015 ARC Race

Recent news for windward sailing
Tue, 24 November 2015

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24 November 2015


Fish count: zero


It’s day 2 and we’re off and running!  We set off on Sunday at 12:45pm with 35 knots of wind and a fairly choppy sea. Despite some pretty big waves the crew have all now got their sea legs.  


Winds have been good for the most part, although moving around a little, and we have been making the best part of 200 miles per day.  We are now officially 2nd in our division.


We had the older of our two spinnakers up yesterday and managed to get it back in successfully without getting it in the sea – great team effort.  We’ve now changed our genoa to a larger one to increase sail area.


We’ve had the fishing line out in hope of some big fish. The ARC guide tells us there are blue marlin and tuna in this area and we’ve got our sushi mats at the ready.  The boys are working out getting ready to reel a 200 pounder in on our hand line... ;)  In other news, we have managed to smash plates in to Mark’s cabin and we’ve had an incident involving curry paste but don’t worry Rick, George has cleaned it up now.  The generator failed initially but we’ve jump started it now and it’s going fine.


The crew are all happy and counting down the miles to our rum punch in St Lucia.


Fish count: still zero