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Corporate Hospitality Day

These days are designed to give you and your clients and guests an enjoyable relaxing day out in the Solent. Starting at Ocean Village Marina in Southamptonsailing over to Cowes for a lunch either on board or at a local yacht Club such as the Island Sailing Club, which offers fantastic panoramic views of the Solent. Our yachtscome complete with fully qualified skippers who have a wealth of experience behind them. They are all well used to entertaining what could possibly be novice crew, But with gentle encouragement along with hands on training and experience, by the end of the day your clients will know all the basics of sailing from helming to sail trimming to tying on fenders. All the crew are encouraged to take an active role in sailing the boat, or if they wish they could just sit back and relax.

Then returning to the yacht for a leisurely sail in the afternoon putting into practice all those new found skills before returning back to Port.

The yachts that we use for these days are usually the X412 or the Beneteau 40.7 this size yacht allows you to bring along up to 10 guests for the day. They offer both good accommodation below decks, as well as excellent sailing. We can also have available larger or smaller, racer or cruiser yachts to suit your itinerary and event.

Corporate Racing Day(s)

For these days we like to use our race yachts - Corby 45 or Volvo 60. They will offer both you and your guests or fellow workers an experience not to be missed. We are one of the only companies that offer you access to Race winning pedigree yachtsand offer them to all levels of experience. We have found that once companies have enjoyed the Hospitality days they then catch the sailing bug and wish to do something more exciting.

Each Yacht would come with a skipper and mate to help show and train your crew. Just like on the Hospitality days lunch can be at a local Yacht Club or restaurant as well as on board.

The yachts offer extreme sailing and during the day you can all experience the speed of these race yachts and you will find yourself wanting to and being able to overtake every other sailing boat in the Solent.

For those who feel more adventurous why not enter into a race or regatta organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club. This would involve you in undertaking some training before setting off with a fleet of competitors. The races usually have a foreign destination such as St Malo or Ouistreham. A real adventure for those who are up for a truly memorable adventure.

Corporate Regattas

These can be of 1,2 or more days in duration. We can offer our race yachts for those who want a feel of what its like to race on yachts that the professionals use or we can organise regattas using all of one style of yacht such as the popular Sigma 38 orBeneteau 40.7.

A basic race day would consist of extensive training throughout the morning such as tacking and gybing sail trimming helming and tactical navigation. Then after lunch we set a course around the many racing marks of the Solent. This will really get the competitive spirit running with each team doing their best to out sail the others.

The yachts would come with a fully qualified skipper and mate where experience allows.

At the end of the racing we can organise a prize giving for the winning yacht best crew member worst crew member etc.

Whatever day or event you are thinking of organising, we are sure that we can supply all you need to make it a success.

Windward Sailing's corporate hospitality days and events are becoming more and more popular with our ever-increasing base of Clients.

We have found that once the clients have tried us they come back year after year as well as passing on our details to their clients and suppliers.